Eligibility Requirements for Interscholastic Activities

These requirements cover activities such as athletics,

Cheerleading, and band, as well as any interschool competition, is regulated by these requirements.


Ninth grade students who have not earned Carnegie units must have been academically promoted from the eighth grade to be eligible for participation in the fall semester activities.


  •        A student, while participating, must be a full-time student as determined by guidelines set forth by the State Department of Education. A student who is repeating a course for which he has previously received credit cannot count this course as one required for eligibility; this is considered as monitoring a course.
  •        To participate in interscholastic athletic activities, students in grades 9-12 must achieve an overall passing average in addition to the following:
  •       To be eligible in the first semester a student must pass a minimum of five Carnegie units applicable toward a high school diploma during the previous year. At least two units must have been passed during the second semester or summer school.
  •       To be eligible during the second semester the student must meet one of the following conditions:
  • If the student met first-semester eligibility requirements, he or she must pass the equivalent of 2 units
  • If the student did not meet first-semester eligibility requirements, he or she must pass the equivalent of 2 1⁄2 units during the first semester.
  •      Students must satisfy eligibility requirements in the semester preceding participation.
  • Credits earned in a summer school approved by the State Department of Education may apply for first-semester eligibility. A maximum of two units per year may be used.
  • Students eligible for a first-semester sport will be permitted to complete that sport even if it extends into the second semester. Under the current League program, this will apply to participants in basketball in the high school and middle school programs.
  • Students with Disabilities:
  • Students diagnosed with a disability and being served in a non-diploma program shall be considered eligible for participation in interscholastic activities if he/she is successfully meeting the requirements of his/her Individual Education Plan.
  • Students diagnosed with a disability and being served in a program leading to a state high school diploma must meet all eligibility requirements previously stated for participation in interscholastic activities.
  •        A course that is dropped after the 20th day of a semester with a failing average will be considered as a failed course when determining academic eligibility for the following semester.
  • Credit courses used for eligibility purposes must be courses that are applicable as credit toward a state high school diploma. A student may also use college credit courses provided the student has met or is meeting all requirements for graduation.
  • Academic deficiencies may not be made up through enrollment in adult education programs.
  • A student must not have received a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Academic requirements for students enrolled in the seventh and eighth grades, including first-semester ninth graders, are:
  •    Students passing the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades by academic promotion pursuant to district policy are considered as having met the requirements for academic eligibility for the first semester.
  •    Students in grades seven and eight must be meeting the school district promotion policy at the end of the first semester in order to be eligible for the second semester. (Second-semester ninth grade students must meet League academic regulations.)
  • Schools will follow the procedures outlined in the School Administrators Guide, published by the State Department of Education, in accepting or rejecting credits received by a student while the student is enrolled in private schools, including home schools and/or out-of-state schools. NOTE: A student failing the seventh or eighth grade is eligible during the second semester if he has satisfactorily passed first-semester work.


Credit Recovery – SC High School League

A maximum of two credit recovery units may be used toward eligibility, to include the two units presently allowed in summer school. A credit recovery course must be accepted by the State Department of Education for graduation. To be eligible for recovery credits, the student must have received a minimum grade of 50.


NOTE: Credit Recovery must be completed by the following date:

Courses taken for first-semester eligibility - August 13, 2018

Courses taken for second-semester eligibility - March 11, 2019