"Do as much as you can. With as many as you can. As often as you can."                                                                                                
What Is Navy ROTC?
Program Mission
Our program mission is to instill in students in United States secondary educational institutions the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. 
What Can It Do For Me?
Becoming a part of ROTC does not require you to pursue any military obligation. It provides leadership skills and opportunities and gives tools for success after high school regardless of your career/college path. However, if you are seeking a military path ROTC has many benefits, such as ROTC scholarships, guidance for any military branch, and more knowledge of the military. This program boosts your community service hours while giving you exciting field trips and activities such as our military ball. 
Wade Hampton High School- (803) 943-3568
SNSI: Commander Murtagh
NSI: Master Sgt. Edgecomb
Normal P.O.T.W.
(Plan Of The Week)
Monday- PT
Tuesday- Academics 
Wednesday- Academics
Thursday- Uniform Inspection
Friday- PT
Cyber Patriot 
Cyber Patriot is a cyber defense team that is designed to give hands on experience to cyber security. This is to prevent hacking, not learning how to hack!
Drill Team
Drill Team is made up of cadets who like marching movements or movements with rifles and want to be sharp with precision. We compete at different schools in South Carolina.
Orienteering Team
Orienteering Team is a outdoor team made up of running to navigate points on unfamiliar land using a map. The goal is to find all points in the shortest amount of time, which will be determined by the routes you pick and take. We also travel to other schools/parks for competitions.
Academic Team
The Academic Team gives cadets a chance to represent the unit and test their JROTC and general knowledge on topics against other units. Some competitions are took at our school, while we do travel to some meets.
Rifle Team
The Rifle Team can be for anyone who already shoots or wants to learn how to. It helps teach concentration while giving the cadets the opportunity to shoot shoulder to shoulder together at competition. 
Physical Fitness Team

The Fitness Team gives cadets the chance to show off their strength and how fit they are with the team or individual. We travel to schools for competition and you can train some on our PT days. (Monday and Fridays)

Ranking Up Requirements 
Seaman Apprentice 
  • 90 In ROTC 
  • Pass Policy Test
  • Pass Individual Drill Evaluation
  • 1 Event Of Community Service 
  • Pass Seaman Apprentice Test
  • 90 In ROTC 
  • 90 average In Uniform Inspection
  • 2 Events of Community Service
  • Participate in Color Guard
  • Pass Navy Chain of Command
  • Pass Seaman Test
Petty Officer 3rd Class (PO3)
  • 90 In ROTC
  • 90 Average in Uniform Inspections
  • First 5 Orders to the Sentry
  • NJROTC Chain of Command
  • Participate in 2nd Color Guard
  • 3rd Community Service Event
  • Present Platoon During Inspection
  • Pass Petty Officer 3rd Class Test
Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2)
  • 90 in ROTC
  • 90 Average in Uniform Inspection
  • Pass Orders to the Sentry
  • Pass Guidon Evaluation
  • Lead Color Guard
  • 4th Community Service Event
  • Participation Ribbon
  • Pass Petty Officer 2nd Class Test
Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1)
  • 90 in ROTC
  • 90 Average in Uniform Inspections
  • All Orders to the Sentry
  • Pass Sword Manual
  • Lead Drill Unarmed Platoon
  • 5th Community Service Event
  • 2nd Participation Ribbon
  • Pass Petty Officer 1st Class Test
Uniform Measurements/Regulations
  • You are expected to change into your issued PT Gear, with tennis shoes.
  • You are expected to wear your uniform according to the regulations in the book and in the policy. The Field Manual, Grooming Regulations, Measurements are listed below as well as a link to help you with the order of your ribbons.
  • Reminders: Shine your shoes, check for IP's (loose threads), Check Gig-line and Shave (Males Only).