WHHS Guidance

Each year a high school students are expected to participate in an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) Conference. During this conference the parent and student will discuss with the school counselor important upcoming dates, college and career planning, grade specific tests, graduation progress, scholarships, and course selections for the following year.

It is important for students to select their upcoming courses wisely. The number of requests for each course will determined whether a course will be offered and how many seats will be available. Once a course has been selected students may not be able to change to a different course due to limited seat availability.

To get the most out of your IGP, students and parents should do the following:
1. Review the curriculum guide for course descriptions, requirements, and prerequisites. (click link) 2019-2020 WHHS Curriculum Guide
2. Review the course card to determine which courses may be offered for the up coming school year. (click link) 2019-2020 10th-12th Grade Course Card
3. Have an over a career goal in mind to discuss future planning.

Please keep in mind that even though a student may request a course, that does not guarantee that the course will be scheduled for that student. Even though guidance tries very hard to honor all requests there are several factors in determining whether or not a student will be scheduled for the course:
1. Meeting course prerequisites.
2. Courses availability, course requests are prioritized by grade level. Upperclassmen requests are always filled first.
3. Where the course falls in the school day (what block the courses is offered).
4. If the course had enough request to be created.
5. Teacher availability
6. Which course selections maximize the most courses requested by the student.
7. Which courses are needed for graduation.

For links to sign up for your IGP with your school counselor please see below:…

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